Once again, it’s been far too long since the last show, almost another 6 months. Oliver talked me into getting this rolling again, so he’s here with me on Show #13. Take a listen and see what has been going on in the DNN world.

The last gap was three months, this time it was six! We're back again with Show #12 and a new special guest host, Oliver Hine. The show has a new format, is recorded in a new location (state) and will hopefully be back in the swing of being a regularly produced show again. In this episode Chris and guest Oliver Hine talk about what's been going on in the DNN World the past six months, and also the latest buzz from the previous two weeks.

We’re baaaaaaaackkkkkkk! After three months, lots of travelling around the US and Cuba, moving 800 miles and quite a few DNN releases, DNNVoice is back with Show #11! Tom and Chris get you caught up on all the latest happenings in the DNN world.

Here’s Show #10, yup, we made it to our tenth show! Tom and Chris get caught up on the happenings in the DNN world this week, talking about DotNetNuke 5.1 and a rehash of the fun and excitement at the Day of DNN event in Tampa Florida on June 13th.

Show #9 is a special show, signifying the eminent release of the long awaited DotNetNuke Version 5.1. Both the Community Edition (CE) and the Professional Edition (PE) were released SOON and WILL BE available from

Chris attended the Day of DNN event in Tampa Florida this past weekend, teaching a few classes and presenting three sessions, he also had a chance to sit down with DNN Corp co-founder Joe Brinkman to get an exclusive interview about what version 5.1 means for DotNetNuke.

Take a listen and see what’s new in 5.1, and get some insight into the differences between the Community and Professional Editions of DNN.

Here’s Show #7 of the DNNVoice. This show is in a different format due to our busy schedules, but hopefully you will find it useful, I know I did when I gave it a listen! Chris talks about OpenForce and OpenForce Europe’s call for speakers (, Tom interviews Bruce Chapman.

Show #6, Chris and Tom talk about the month busy they had causing no new shows in April! Lots going on in the DNN world now, and in the next few months.