DNNVoice Podcast Show 1, DNN 4.9.2, Professional and Site Redesign

I'm proud to present to you the first Show of the DNNVoice Podcast, a weekly podcast highlighting the latest happenings in the DotNetNuke community.

You can download the podcast from this link, we'll get the RSS Feed setup so that you can subscribe to the podcast with the proper file inclusion as well.

We (I) cover the following topics in this first show.

  1. Introduction to the Podcast
  2. Who am I
    1. Book overview
  3. Why another DotNetNuke Podcast
    1. Introduction to the features that will be in the podcast going forward
  4. Overview of podcast production info
  5. DNN Reactor (News)
    1. Site Redesign thoughts
    2. DotNetNuke Professional Announcement review
    3. DotNetNuke 4.9.2 Release, discussion of the change log
    4. DotNetNuke Updates Available Images
  6. Fancy Threads - "The Day Of Dread" thread
  7. Dotnetnukonomics - Recent Wrox book releases
  8. Listener Questions - Introduction, call for questions for future shows
  9. Featured Topic - Not covered this week, will be included next week
  10. Closing/Disclaimer

This is my first attempt at a podcast, I put in a lot more work on it than I expected it to take, lesson learned I guess. Going forward I hope to streamline the process.

My goal is to provide good insight into the latest DotNetNuke news and happenings each week. I would appreciate any feedback you might have that would help me to improve things going forward.

I do know that I need to do some work on the Podcast for future shows, this is my first attempt at recording and producing audio myself, so go easy on me :D

Recent Comments

Well done, Chris! I particularly like your sound effects!
Posted By: Joe C on Thursday, February 19, 2009 3:48:06 PM

Hey Chris, Greetings from WI! Very well done on the first podcast. I look forward to additional podcasts.

Posted By: Herb Benton on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 3:36:54 PM

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