DNNVoice Show #4 When to vote, When to upgrade

Here’s a very nondescriptive overview of Show #4 of the DNNVoice. If you want to know what it’s all about download and listen!
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DNN Reactor / Corp News?

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Listener Questions

“What control does the core team have over the other projects?

I guess the subject says it all. But more specifically, I’d like to know why ASP.NET validator controls have not been incorporated into all DNN core modules. I mean, yeah, I understand that the core team have incorporated checks and filters against script/html etc., but then the “junk” is still stored in the database anyway. Why can’t the junk be filtered out at the user end in the first place? I know that’s a difficult call for modules like Text/HTML, but can’t this be exposed as an option to the Admin/Host? For example, I noticed today that the UDT module (I’m at ver 03.03.06, BTW) has a nice Filter input for markup code or script input checkbox in its settings. That’s an available option which Admin can use. I’d love to see filters against input for markup code or script input be made available as an option in ALL core modules of DNN.”

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