DNNVoice Show #5 Discussion on 4.9.3 and Support

Here’s a very nondescriptive overview of Show #5 of the DNNVoice. If you want to know what it’s all about download and listen!
Length: 29:50
Size: 16504348 16.12mb
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DNN Reactor / Corp News?

DotNetNukonomics / News

Listener Questions

  • No questions submitted this week, ask your questions for next week on the website.

Featured Topic

  • Getting support for DNN - twitter, forums, DNN Corp (PE), Google, Friends, Ask A Question

Upcoming Events

  • Tue, April 7: Intro to DNN SEO by Tom Kraak at Orlando DNN UG (
  • Sat, April 25: 4th Toronto Code Camp: Paul Scarlett on “Almost Instant Website Using DotNetNuke V5” Toronto Code Camp
  • Paul says:

I also wanted to mention, that I would like to meet with any DNNer who would be interested in forming a Toronto DNN User Group. The Code Camp would be a great time to meet up, otherwise they can drop me a line at [email protected] subject: User Group or leave a comment on the “In the Toronto Area’ thread in the “Announce it” forum group on DotNetNuke Forums.

Call for Questions




Recent Comments

The download link is not working.
Posted By: Remco Ros on Friday, April 03, 2009 4:18:13 AM
Fixed, sorry about that
Posted By: Chris Hammond on Friday, April 03, 2009 5:46:18 AM
Hi Chris It would be nice if you were publishing your shows as podcasts. I wanted to listen to them o my iPhone on the road but couldn't as I had not downloaded it prior. BTW I'm typing this from my phone and I have to do this blind as your form loads off screen on this device...
Posted By: Fabrice Caporal on Friday, April 03, 2009 11:46:31 AM
Fabrice, we are publishing them as a podcast, you can subscribe via itunes. there's a link on the page. As for the form, we're working on a non modal popup version for comments
Posted By: Chris Hammond on Friday, April 03, 2009 8:53:34 PM

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