DNNVoice Show #7 Discussion on SEO and URLs with Bruce Chapman

Here’s Show #7 of the DNNVoice. This show is in a different format due to our busy schedules, but hopefully you will find it useful, I know I did when I gave it a listen!

Here’s a very nondescriptive overview of Show #7 of the DNNVoice. If you want to know what it’s all about download and listen!
Length: 48:25
Size: 26790836 26.1mb
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What’s up for this week

This weeks show is in a different format. Chris talks about OpenForce and OpenForce Europe’s call for speakers (, Tom interviews Bruce Chapman.

DNN Reactor / Corp News?
  • OpenForce speaker announcements
  • OpenForce EU Call for Speakers (
Featured Topic

Upcoming Events

  • The Day of DotNetNuke, June 13, Tampa, FL
  • SDN June 26, in Houten, The Netherlands
  • Send meeting info to [email protected]

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