DNNVoice Show #8 Catching up and Pre-Day of DNN

Here’s Show #8 of the DNNVoice, Tom and Chris get caught up on the happenings of the past few weeks, and also discuss the upcoming Day of DNN event on June 13, 2009.

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What’s Going On?

  • Update from Chris
  • Webinars
  • Training
  • Day Of DNN
  • Update from Tom
  • DNN SEO Webinar
  • What else?

DNN Reactor / Corp News?

DotNetNukonomics / News

Listener Questions

I’m wondering where is a good free online resource for DNN developers. For other CMSs such as drupal, wordpress, or joomla there seems to be a lot more developer documentation. Submitted By: Stephen – Michael Washington’s Site

Hey guys, love the podcast! Tons of good info. Thanks for all you do.

I have a couple questions. I am in the process of helping with the redesign of our church site. We moved to DNN(4.9.3 currently) a few months ago, but nothing has really taken off yet.

We want to do a podcast, so could you recommend what we should use for that? Hopefully, you could give us a free option and a pay option.

Also, I was looking for module that will allow me to post an content article to a page. Then I could have something on the home page that would show the 5 (or howevermany) latest articles written. This would ideally have RSS tied into it as well. Does such a module exist? Thanks, again, for all you do. Submitted By: Jim House Engage PublishVentrian

I’m looking for a solution for creating my own podcast on a DNN site. We have our audio and video all ready to go. I just am wondering if you have any recommendations as to how to best set up the podcasting system within DNN. Thanks! Submitted By: Matt Sweet Engage Publish Ventrian

Where is the DotNetNuke Corporation heading with Pro vs Community edition of DNN 5.x? Looks like some features will only be available in the Pro version per this link.

What do you use and/or what is your opinion about implementing e-commerce in a DNN 4.x/5.x site? What modules may be good to use? others not so much? Looking for an all around module to sell goods and services online using DotNetNuke as the underlying framework. Thanks! Submitted By: Shelly Campbell

Upcoming Events

  • The Day of DotNetNuke, June 13, Tampa, FL
  • SDN June 26, in Houten, The Netherlands
  • CT DNN User Group June 9, 2009
  • St. Louis DNN UG June 15, 2009
  • Send meeting info to [email protected]

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