DNNVoice Show #9, DNN 5.1 Interview with Joe Brinkman from DNN Corp

Show #9 is a special show, signifying the eminent release of the long awaited DotNetNuke Version 5.1. Both the Community Edition (CE) and the Professional Edition (PE) were released SOON and WILL BE available from

Chris attended the Day of DNN event in Tampa Florida this past weekend, teaching a few classes and presenting three sessions, he also had a chance to sit down with DNN Corp co-founder Joe Brinkman to get an exclusive interview about what version 5.1 means for DotNetNuke.

Take a listen and see what’s new in 5.1, and get some insight into the differences between the Community and Professional Editions of DNN.

Tom and Chris will be back next week with a show discussing all of the other great activities from Day of DNN, as well as the latest Connecticut DNN user’s group meeting.

Length: 31:23
Size: 37663206 35.9mb
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