DNNVoice Show 10, DotNetNuke 05.01.00 and Day of DNN

Here’s Show #10, yup, we made it to our tenth show! Tom and Chris get caught up on the happenings in the DNN world this week, talking about DotNetNuke 5.1 and a rehash of the fun and excitement at the Day of DNN event in Tampa Florida on June 13th.

Length: 42:57
Size: 28578057 (27.2mb)
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What’s Going On?

  • Update from Chris
    • Travel
    • Training
    • House Hunting
  • Update from Tom
    • User Group
    • Skinning
    • SEO

DNN Reactor

  • Performance Issues, Blog from Shaun Walker (A Perfect Storm)
  • DotNetNuke 05.01.00 Released!


Upcoming Events

Call for Questions

Recent Comments

Why has the VOICE gone quiet all of a sudden? If Chris and Tom are sick, I wish them a speedy recovery!
Posted By: Mark Nongkhlaw on Friday, August 07, 2009 12:31:16 AM
The biggest reason we haven't had another show was that I was moving. I'm moved now, hope to record something next week!
Posted By: Chris Hammond on Friday, August 07, 2009 12:38:15 AM
If you'll remember, I'd requested to list your book in for easy online ordering and payment in Indian currency, to which, as expected, there was no response or action thereof. Well, the good news is I asked and Ebay responded. Under's Global Easy Buy, we can now get books and other stuff directly from the US by paying in local currency. I just tried searching for dotnetnuke under Books category and it returned 29 results. Your book figures in the list and is priced at INR 1499. Now would you take some initiative by tying up DNNCorp itself, Engage Software, SnowCovered and the other players with not for selling books but for selling DNN Professional, Training CDs, modules, skins etc. in the local currency?
Posted By: Mark Nongkhlaw on Friday, September 11, 2009 2:14:27 AM

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