DNNVoice Show 12, 6 months later. Latest News

The last gap was three months, this time it was six! We're back again with Show #12 and a new special guest host, Oliver Hine. The show has a new format, is recorded in a new location (state) and will hopefully be back in the swing of being a regularly produced show again. In this episode Chris and guest Oliver Hine talk about what's been going on in the DNN World the past six months, and also the latest buzz from the previous two weeks.

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  1. Welcome back to DNNVoice
    1. Thanks to Tom Kraak from Seablick
    2. Intro to New Format
    3. Welcome new guest Oliver Hine (
  2. Introduction to Oliver and what he's done/doing
  3. Welcome back from Chris Hammond (
  4. News of the past 6 months covering
    1. More moving, job change, OpenForce 09 (still have audio clips to use in future show
  5. Latest News
    1. 5.3(1)
    2. OpenDocumentLibrary and OpenSearch Acquisitions by DNNCorp (Chris goes on a little rant, he's a tad passionate about the community)
  6. Upcoming events
    1. Paris Day of DNN (5/28/10) (
    2. Florida Day of DNN (Date TBD)
    3. Bay Area DNN UG (4/20/10) (
    4. Denver DNN UG (3/30/10) (
    5. Call For Speakers for DNN Connections Deadline 3/31
    6. Europe SDN October Call For Speakers (coming in late April,
    7. Toronto DNN UG (4/14/10) (
    8. Thanks to SDN for December event (

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