Show 13 DotNetNuke 5.5, 6 months of time lost, and more

Once again, it’s been far too long since the last show, almost another 6 months. Oliver talked me into getting this rolling again, so he’s here with me on Show #13. Take a listen and see what has been going on in the DNN world.

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  1. Welcome back to DNNVoice
    1. Welcome to guest Oliver Hine (
  2. Introduction to Oliver and what he's done/doing since last show
    1. Freelance/Contract work
    2. Free Extensions (
  3. Welcome back from Chris Hammond ( and what he's been doing
    1. DotNetNuke Training
    2. Free Extensions
      1. DNN REST Services Example
      2. Module Development Templates
      3. DNN Mobile Hackathon
  4. Latest News
    1. DotNetNuke 5.5
    2. Content Localization
    3. Bug Fixes
    4. Performance Improvements (Keivan's blog post)
    5. Release Notes
  5. What'd you learn this week?
    1. Form & List, restricting List view by users Forum Post
  6. Ask a Question
    • Clint Patterson
    • In order to develop a module what are the software, IDE’s, Languages, ORM’s, competencies necessary to get the job done…as in from a broader perspective? The reason I ask is because I’m really interested in developing my own module, but I do not come from an background. Most of my programming experience is in Flash’s Action Script 3.0 + some older languages from way back. I’m trying to learn the languages and technologies necessary to develop a module and it’s not obvious to me. The current configuration I’m using in my attempted module development journey is Visual Studio 2008, C#, & LINQ (along with a local installation of DNN).
    • Ask a Question
    • Upcoming events
      1. Chicago Day of DNN (10/2/10) (
      2. OpenForce EU (10/25-26/10) (
      3. DNN Connections, Las Vegas (10/2/10) (DNN Connections)

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