Show #14 DotNetNuke 5.6.1, Razor/Webmatrix and WebCamps

Once again, it’s been far too long since the last show, this time just over 4 months, For Show #14 I am joined by Joe Brinkman. Take a listen and see what has been going on in the DNN world.

Length: 47:56 
Size: 43.8mb
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  1. Welcome back to DNNVoice
    1. Welcome to guest Joe Brinkman (
  2. Introduction to Joe and
  3. Welcome back from Chris Hammond ( and what he's been doing
    1. DotNetNuke Training
    2. Free Extensions
      1. Module Development Templates
      2. DNNSimpleArticle
      3. Baby
      4. NerdKit/NetDuino
      5. Movember Blog Post w/ Photos/Video
  4. Latest News
    1. DotNetNuke 5.6.1
    2. WebCamp DotNetNuke Materials
  5. Ecosystem Highlight?
    1. Joe's Pick
      1. DNNBlogML
      2. Puure Skin
    1. Chris' Pick
      1. Ecozany Skin
  6. Ask a Question
    1. In order to ask a question to be answered on our next podcast visit Ask a Question on
  7. Upcoming events
    1. CodeMash
      1. Streaming link
      2. Razor Links
        1. Hackathon Link
    1. CMS Expo
    2. WebCamp February (link coming)
    3. Atlanta Give Camp

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